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Duplex steel

Now our company has water glass,silica sol,composite three casting process.specializing in the production of 304(CF8)、316(CF8m)、CF3、CF3m、1.4408、1.0619、1.4469、1.4517、WCB、WCC、HK40(310) of different materials, stainless steel, dual phase steel,carbon steel, high and low alloy steel precision castings. The products are exported to the US,Europe,Janpan, taiwan and many other countries and regions. Widely used in petrochemical,automobile,shipbuilding,machinery and other fields,and establish a good working relationship with the internationally renowned company of the valve automotive, machinery manufacturing company partners.
Our advanced spectrometer detection equipment such as blast furnace furnace test of a comprehensive chemical composition and mechanical properties testing, chemical composition and mechanical report card available upon request.

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